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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen brought with it Void 3.0, an overhaul to the Light-based subclass that gives Hunters, Titans and Warlocks the kind of variety they had with the release of Stasis subclasses in Beyond Light.

Void 3.0, like Stasis, gives players a bevy of alterations and bonuses for their Void-powered abilities, from making enemies explode when they die to boosting damage and debuffing opponents.

We already took a look at Titan builds with Void 3.0 as well as Warlock Void 3.0 setups. Out of the three classes, though, at least in player-vs.-enemy content, Hunters have arguably gone through the biggest changes in terms of how you can play them. Void 3.0 leans into the Hunter power fantasy of being a silent assassin, attacking from the shadows and fading away before the enemy even knows someone’s there.

Here are some of the best options for fragments, aspects and build setups for Hunters running Void in the Witch Queen update.

Some top picks for Void 3.0 Hunter builds

Nightstalker is one of the Hunter subclasses you can build out with Void 3.0
Nightstalker is one of the Hunter subclasses you can build out with Void 3.0 | Provided by Bungie

At first glance, Hunters don’t have quite as much firepower as Titans and Warlocks with the Void 3.0 update, and that’s at least partially true. The Hunter abilities and aspects don’t lend themselves to destroying large groups of enemies, excluding the Super options.

What Hunters lack in add clear, though, they make up for in survivability and utility. The class, coupled with some of Witch Queen’s new mods and the right fragments, can attain almost permanent invisibility in a firefight while taking out and suppressing opponents so the rest of the crew can finish them off.

Invisibility has always been a major part of the Void kit, and that’s no different in Void 3.0. What is different, though, is the variety of ways that Hunters can go invisible with Stylish Executioner, Vanishing Step and Trapper’s Ambush available on all three archetypes of the subclass. You can dive from the sky to turn yourself and allies invisible. You can use your melee ability to turn your fireteam invisible. You can dodge to turn invisible. You can kill debuffed enemies to go invisible.

My solo run of the Legendary campaign on Hunters relied on a Stylish Executioner setup that, combined with a Glaive, keeps you hidden during fights, even when in the middle of a pack of enemies, and makes every enemy except bosses harmless. With individual attacking prowess and the potential to clear an entire room without being shot or firing a shot, the Hunter is likely best-in-class for solo content in Witch Queen thanks to the Void 3.0 update.

To make this work best, you’ll need Echo of Undermining, Echo of Leeching and Echo of Remnants along with a flex spot. The goal is to debuff everything you touch, which allows you to take down enemies more quickly and then return to invisibility thanks to Stylish Executioner. Throw in Vanishing Step and the Suppressing Glaive seasonal mod, and you’ll be safe from nearly every threat.

Hunter Void 3.0 fragments and aspects

The Snaptic Spear menu for the Hunter in Void 3.0
You can unlock Suppressing Glaive, which pairs well with Stylish Executioner, on the fourth tier of the seasonal artifact | Provided by Bungie


  • Stylish Executioner (grants two fragment slots): The fact that this is one of the two-fragment aspects is wild. Stylish Executioner turns a Hunter invisible and gives them Truesight, AKA the ability to see enemy silhouettes through surfaces, when they take down a weakened, suppressed or volatile target. There are more than a half-dozen ways a Hunter can debuff targets on Void 3.0 depending on the mods they use. Along with a weapon that suppresses enemies on-hit via a Suppressing Glaive or Volatile Flow mod, you can stroll up to enemies, smack them twice with a Glaive and then go invisible. Rinse and repeat to kill anything except a boss that’s immune to suppression. This aspect is busted.
  • Vanishing Step: When you dodge, you turn invisible. Sweet and simple. This is a better option than Trapper’s Ambush, in my opinion, because it gives you two fragment slots and another invisibility option that works with high-mobility Hunter builds.
  • Trapper’s Ambush: Take the Stasis subclass Shatterdive, remove the damage and add an area-of-effect debuff and invisibility proc. Trapper’s Ambush also turns the weakening Snare Bomb melee ability into a Smoke Bomb that turns you and nearby allies invisible. Omnioculus users will be very pleased to have a more offensive tool to go with their favorite exotic armor.


  • Echo of Expulsion: Void ability final blows make opponents explode, and this fragment also gives you 10 more Intellect for faster Super regeneration. Adds a bit more oomph to your abilities and lets you blow things up while standing there, invisible, watching the devastaion happen.
  • Echo of Reprisal: Killing enemies with other enemies close by generates additional Super energy. A must-have if you’re going with a Suppressing Glaive and Stylish Executioner setup. Rain down arrows or carve up enemies with knives, go invisible, smack opponents with the Glaive, rinse, repeat.
  • Echo of Provision: Hitting foes with grenade damage gives additional melee energy. This fragment also gives users -10 Strength to compensate for the extra recharge of the fragment.
  • Echo of Exchange: Melee final blows give your Guardian grenade energy. The final blow does not have to be a Void 3.0 ability, so this will pair well with Echo of Provision and could be a net-positive despite the -10 Strength given by Echo of Provision
  • Echo of Remnants: Extends the duration of damage-over-time grenades. Creates a new debuff platform for Void 3.0 when paired with Echo of Undermining.
  • Echo of Undermining: Grenades weaken opponents, making them more vulnerable to all incoming damage. The fragment comes with a -20 to Discipline, decreasing grenade recharge rate to compensate for the power of debuffs against tougher targets. Throw this in with Stylish Executioner, and you can debuff enemies with a stronger damage grenade and your melee ability.
  • Echo of Persistence: Makes Void 3.0 buffs applied to you such as an overshield, invisibility or the former Warlock-only perk Devour last longer. Not as necessary for a Hunter because they can proc invisibility off so many different things in the middle of a fight.
  • Echo of Leeching: Your melee final hits trigger health regeneration for you and your fireteam. This fragment also comes with +10 to your Resilience. Very good when combined the Glaive setup.
  • Echo of Domineering: Suppressing a foe (AKA using a Suppressor grenade, Suppressing Glaive, etc.) increases your mobility and reloads your weapon from reserves. This fragment also gives you +10 to Discipline. This one is situational but lets you live the Hunter assassin power fantasy to the fullest if you want to zip around between kills.
  • Echo of Dilation: You move faster while crouching, and your radar range and accuracy expands. The main benefits of this fragment, though, are the +10 to both Mobility and Intellect. A good placeholder if you have a strong three-fragment build already.
  • Echo of Instability: Grenade kills add volatile rounds to your Void weapons. These rounds apply volatile to your foes, which means they explode when they take more damage. The mod also adds +10 Strength.
  • Echo of Harvest: Killing weakened enemies with a precision final blow creates an Orb of Power. Good for Charged with Light builds, but it comes with -10 to Intellect.
  • Echo of Obscurity: Kills with a finisher grant the user invisibility. Very niche, perhaps good for non-Hunters trying to run endgame content solo.
  • Echo of Starvation: Orbs of Power also grant you Devour, which comes with many perks. Devour sends you back to full health on enemy kills and triggers extra grenade regeneration, and kills also extend the duration of Devour. The fragment comes with a -10 to Discipline to make sure that grenade regen doesn’t mean you’re just tossing nades every few seconds.

That’s it for the main new stuff, but the abilities and even Supers for Void 3.0 are altered a bit. Here’s what The Witch Queen did to Hunters and how to take advantage of those new skills.

Warlock Void 3.0 basics

Moebius Quiver Super in action
Moebius Quiver Super in action | Provided by Bungie


  • Shadowshot Deadfall: The king of crowd control, Deadfall doesn’t change much from its previous iteration in Void 3.0. The solo tether chains to enemies and sets your team up for some major DPS, and getting additional chances to proc Stylish Executioner doesn’t hurt either.
  • Shadowshot Moebius Quiver: The Hunter lacks in ability damage, it makes up for with this newly tuned super. The Moebius Quiver now fires two three-shot arrow barrages that tether enemies and also put a good amount of hurt on anything that survives the initial hits.
  • Spectral Blades: Go zoom and slice up enemies. Shadowshot is best in PvE content, but if you have bounties to do, Crucible opponents to kill or just really like knives, Spectral is the way to go.

Class abilities

  • Marksman’s Dodge: Swerve on your enemies and reload your weapon, all with the press of a button. When paired with Vanishing Step, the dodge can serve as an even better escape tool.
  • Gambler’s Dodge: This version of the dodge recharges your melee ability if used near enemies. Combine it with Vanishing Step and Trapper’s Ambush to stay in the shadows even longer.

Melee abilities

  • Snare Bomb: Void 3.0 gives you just one option for the melee ability, and the fragment’s needed to switch up its attributes instead of selecting different versions of the ability. However, the new Snare Bomb also applies weakening to enemies, which pairs very well with a Stylish Executioner build.


  • Void Wall: Creates a horizontal wall that damages enemies who pass through it. Good for add control and cordoning off portions of the map.
    Suppressor Grenade: On explosion, suppresses enemies. This can also cut off Light and Stasis ability use.
  • Void Spike Grenade: Attaches to a surface and spews Void energy. This also works well for damage-over-time and creating space.
  • Vortex Grenade: Creates a dome-shaped space that pulls enemies in and does damage over time. Probably your best bet with Stylish Executioner builds.
  • Magnetic Grenade: Attaches to opponents and explodes twice.
  • Scatter Grenade: Bursts into a number of projectiles that all explode to deal damage to any enemies in the area.
  • Axion Bolt: A seeker grenade that explodes on impact but also creates homing projectiles that follow live targets.

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