The best loadouts to use for Destiny 2's Witch Queen Legendary campaign
A guide on the best loadout to use in the new Destiny 2: The Witch Queen legendary campaign.
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The best loadouts to use for Destiny 2’s Witch Queen Legendary campaign

The ideal builds for Titan, Hunter and Warlock
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The launch of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen comes with a new challenge for Guardians: a Legendary version of the campaign, which features stronger enemies and modifiers that make the journey through Savathun’s Throne World and Mars tougher.

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If you’re up for the challenge, completion of the campaign on Legendary will net you gear at 1520 power, which will get Guardians well on their way to the power cap for The Witch Queen and raid-readiness for when the latest six-person endgame activity drops March 5.

Getting through the campaign on Legendary, whether solo or in a fireteam, takes a varied loadout, a calm approach and some trial and error. Upcomer is running through the Legendary campaign on all three characters for launch day. Here’s what we came up with for loadouts that cleared the first couple of missions.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen loadout | Titan

Adding clear and different weaponry for shield types is important for higher-end content, so for my solo runs I went with a “rainbow” build that featured a middle-tree Arc class, Null Composure as my Void energy weapon and Gjallahorn as my Solar-powered heavy. The Null Composure took major spec for burst damage on tougher enemies, and I put minor spec on my Seventh Seraph Carbine while returning to a very old strategy for add management.

If you’re a veteran of the series, Warmind Cells and the mods that interact with them should ring a bell. I’m riding solo for the campaign and want to make sure I have some solar damage outside of my Gjallahorn, so I put on Global Reach as well as Burning Cells as mods to go with the Seventh Seraph. It might not be a conventional strategy, but it kept the field clear and saved me from mobs more than once.

For gear mods, Protective Light is a must, as is Taken Charge to proc it. I added in Shield Break Charge for an extra chance at Charged with Light and went with two Rocket Launcher Ammo Finder mods to keep Gjallahorn topped off for bosses. On top of that, I added Cuirass of the Falling Star as my exotic armor, which again brings massive damage and gives you an overshield if you need to use the super as a panic button.

Here’s a look at the loadout and a few fun screenshots from the first mission. This story will be updated with Hunter and Warlock loadouts as we continue to progress through Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, so stay tuned.

Titan loadout graphic and screenshots

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen | Loadout guide for Titan.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen | Loadout guide for Titan.

Screenshot / Art from Destiny 2: The Witch Queen's new Legendary campaign.

Screenshot / Art from Destiny 2 new Legendary campaign.

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