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The Apex Legends Duos limited mode is live, and players are finally dropping into World’s Edge in squads of two. But not all legends are created equal when it comes to working in pairs. While the difference between this mode and regular squads isn’t enormous, some legends are just slightly better here. We have prepared a quick guide to show you how each legend performs in Apex Legends Duos.

S Tier: strong legend picks for Duos

Your safest picks for this mode include the usual trio of Pathfinder, Wraith, and Wattson. These three are strongest in general in the current Apex Legends meta. There are no drawbacks to playing them in Duos, and they get the full benefit of their teamwork-oriented abilities, unlike in Solos.

Mirage is also a great choice for Apex Legends Duos, due to how his kit scales against smaller squads. In a regular 3v3 situation, throwing a decoy in the mix can be impactful, but it might also achieve nothing. Against fewer bodies overall, Mirage’s decoys have a stronger presence. His Vanishing Act ultimate gives him another edge in Duos, as it can consistently secure a knockdown. In a normal squad fight, the enemy team still has the potential to salvage the situation. In Duos, though, one member down essentially signals the end of the fight.

Apex Legends Mirage Wraith duos

A Tier: safe legend picks for Duos

Bloodhound is a decent pick for Apex Legends Duos. They received a number of buffs across the last few patches, including a passive buff through the changes to Ultimate Accelerants. Still, Bloodhound falls behind each one of the four legends listed above. Their model also has the biggest head in Apex Legends, which is a big disadvantage in any game mode.

Octane, Gibraltar, and Bangalore are also decent picks for Apex Legends Duos, just not the best. Octane and Bangalore have skillsets that are largely independent of cooperation but have the potential to help their squadmates. And Gibraltar is just Gibraltar. As always, he is an incredibly potent legend who requires dedication and careful tactics to use effectively.

B Tier: difficult legend picks for Duos

Lifeline may seem like a natural choice for Duos, but she is actually a lot less functional in this mode than in regular Apex Legends. With no third legend to provide cover fire, she can’t effectively perform her duties as a field medic. If she tries to pick up her squadmate, she would only offer the enemy a chance to frag them both with a single grenade. Her ultimate is also largely pointless in Duos, as, for once, there is more than enough loot available on the map.

Apex Legends Lifeline

Caustic is another sub-par choice, and not because of the mode. Technically, his Nox gas is better in Apex Legends Duos, since it can deny relatively more area than it would against squads of three. However, he offers very little compared to the legends in the higher tiers, and he is not great on World’s Edge in general.

Finally, you should absolutely avoid picking Crypto in Duos, for obvious reasons. His information-gathering talents are less useful against smaller squads, and with less squadmates to work with. More importantly, you simply cannot afford to have half of your squad playing around with their RC plane while there is a firefight going on.

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