Teams for the TFT Giant Slayer Series 3 event revealed
Giant Slayer Series 3 teams
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Teams for the TFT Giant Slayer Series 3 event revealed

the 16 teams of two for the $10,000 duo tournament include stacked pairs of friends and teammates
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The Teamfight Tactics competitive season is approaching its tense and exciting conclusion. But before the 16 player TFT Reckoning NA Regionals happen in September, those same players will have a fun opportunity to showcase their skills. Giant Slayer Series 3 will invite the 16 players competing at the NA Regionals to fight against each other but with a twist. The 16 players will select a partner to go to battle with in this duos format tournament. On Wednesday August 4th, Giant Slayer revealed those teams.

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Giant Slayer Series 3

The requirements for team selection stated that the player selected had to be from North America and be above masters rank. Therefore anyone who met these requirements was eligible. As a result, the 16 players ended up selecting a mix of friends, teammates, and ringers.

For example, one of the notable teams include the debut of Invictus Gaming. Two of the three members of iG will be teaming up for the event. Hanyuan “Noobowl” Ye selected fellow iG member Daniel “DQA” Li and is among the early favorites to win the event. Team Liquid’s Alex “Kurumx” Tompkins is teaming with TSM’s  Duy Minh “Souless” Nguyen. These two are also among the strongest teams in the event.

Some of the Darkhorse teams include Jeffrey “DeliciousMilkGG” Pan and Rebecca “Becca” Cho. In addition to being friends, the pair used to be teammates on Golden Guardians. TSM’s Ki Yoon “Kiyoon” Yoo is also teaming with Emily “Emilywang” Wang and are known as being a meme pair in the community. Many other players will be making their first appearances in a big event. 

The group stage and Finals make up the two stages of the month long event.  On every Monday and Tuesday starting August 9, these 16 teams will compete against each other. Furthermore, each team will gain points based on their combined placing in each game. The top teams from the group stage will qualify for the finals which will be held on Monday August 30.

Spectators can catch the action live starting on Monday, August 9th on the GiantSlayerTFT twitch channel. Each day will feature commentary from a pool of talent which includes notable people like Dan “Frodan” Chou and Erik “DoA” Lonnquist. Each day of the competition will start at 1 PM EST.

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