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One aspect of Apex Legends Season 2 that has many players excited is the introduction of challenges. Taking a note from Fortnite, Respawn decided to start issuing both Daily and Weekly challenges for Season 2’s Battle Pass.

Almost identical to Fortnite, completion of these challenges will progress the player’s Battle Pass. Daily Challenges, while easier, disappear after 24 hours. Weekly challenges take longer but are available for the duration of the season.

With Season 2 launching yesterday, the first set of Weekly challenges are now live in Apex Legends. Let’s take a look at those challenges and how to complete them so you can earn those legendary skins.

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Season 2 Week 1 challenges for Apex Legends

While these work in similar ways to Fortnite, the design of the challenges isn’t as intricate. With Apex Legends challenges, simply playing the game for a couple of hours will be enough to complete most of them.

Here are the Season 2 Week 1 challenges:

  • Land in Relay (Stage 1/4) – 1 Battle Pass level
  • Deal 7,500 damage with Assault Rifles (0/7,500) – 1 Battle Pass Level
  • Finish in the Top 3 as Bloodhound, Lifeline, or Wraith (0/1) – 1 Battle Pass level
  • Get 25 kills (0/25) – 6,000 Battle Stars
  • Loot 5 Care Packages (0/5) – 6,000 Battle Stars
  • Get 35 Knockdowns (0/35) – 6,000 Battle Stars
  • Outlive 200 Opponents (0/200) – 6,000 Battle Stars
The Season 2 Week 1 challenges in Apex Legends

As you can see, the challenges won’t divert your gameplay too drastically. Getting kills and knockdowns, dealing damage with Assault Rifles, and outliving opponents are all a part of the core Apex Legends experience.

However, some will require special attention. Landing in specific named locations, playing with certain Legends, and looting those pesky care packages are all examples of this. However, with some extra attention, there is nothing too difficult for a player of any caliber to complete.

Hopefully, in the future, Respawn will make these Weekly challenges more complex. Going on treasure hunts around the map or eliminating enemies in certain ways are a couple of ideas for future challenges. Regardless, it’s nice to see that there are easier ways to rank up the Battle Pass this time around.

What do you think of the first installment of Apex Legends Weekly challenges? Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for future challenge guides.

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