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Super Mario Bros. Wonder is coming soon, bringing an entirely new whimsical look at the Mushroom Kingdom. While it has many of the classic makings of a Mario platformer, there’s also a really exciting new power-up mechanic that’s making fans anxious to get their hands on the new game. Especially after seeing the Metacritic score.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is coming out in a few days. Some critics have been given a copy early, however, and have released some promising reviews.

Metacritic reviews point at Super Mario Bros. Wonder being very promising

Right now, the overall Metacritic score for Super Mario Bros. Wonder is 93, a very, very high score. This includes a lot of perfect 100s from major publications.

CGMagazine called Wonder the “best 2D Mario game ever made.” Comic Book called it “close to perfect” for its creativity and originality.

Said We Got This Covered: “Super Mario Bros. Wonder is an absolute masterpiece, offering up some of the most inventive, charming, and creative platforming action the genre has ever seen. It might have taken three decades, but Super Mario World has finally been dethroned.”

Added My Nintendo World: “Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a whimsical masterpiece, and I can say with utmost certainty that it is one of the greatest platformers that Nintendo has ever made. As the first 2D Mario game of the post-movie era, it sets an incredible precedent for the future of the series with its fresh new gameplay mechanics, expertly-crafted level design, gorgeous visuals, and lively animations. If you’re anything like me, you’ll repeatedly tell yourself ‘just one more level’ while a joyful smile remains plastered across your face, all the way up until the end-credits roll. Referring to the game as ‘wonderful’ would be an understatement, as Super Mario Bros. Wonder is sure to exceed expectations when it launches for Nintendo Switch on 20th October.”

With reviews like this, it’s more exciting than ever to be a Mario fan right now.

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