Starfield: Should you tell Hadrian her father is still alive?
Starfield: Should you tell Hadrian her father is still alive?
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Starfield: Should you tell Hadrian her father is still alive?

Does the clone deserve to know?

During the main United Colonies quest line in Starfield, you will come across a woman named Hadrian. She is a Major in the UC and, as you will come to find out, a clone of a man named Vae Victis. Vae Victis was a weapon for the UC during the Colony War and was thought to have been executed by the faction as a means to end the war. However, this turns out not to be the case, as Vae Victis is alive and well in a secret underground facility in the MAST building.

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When you find this out, you will have a chance to tell Hadrian that her “father” is alive in Starfield.

Telling Hadrian her father is alive or keeping it a secret in Starfield

Let’s start out with the decision that I’m sure most players will be inclined to make. This is even despite deputy chief Elisabeth Macintyre giving you strict guidelines to not tell Hadrian about Vae Victus.

If you decide to tell Hadrian about her, she will think you’re joking at first. There’s even a dialogue option to go along with this sentiment after you give her the news. After some time to reflect, though, Hadrian will realize you’re telling the truth. While she is blown away by the news, nothing really changes for her. She says that she has been getting on without her father for a while and that she will continue to live just fine without him.

Starfield: Should you tell Hadrian her father is still alive?
The choice to tell Hadrian about her father. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Choosing this scenario doesn’t make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. However, doing so will end the United Colonies quest line slightly prematurely. I don’t want to spoil things for you down the line, but telling Hadrian about her father will deny you a chance to complete the final UC quest, called A Legacy Forged. Either way, though, the rewards for completing the UC quest line are the same whether you tell Hadrian about her father or not.

It’s also worth noting that you can still tell Hadrian about her father during the A Legacy Forced quest. If you tell her the secret before A Legacy Forged, you’re just missing out on some additional content.

Finally, if you decide to not tell Hadrian about Vae Victis at all, then you can actually complete some work for him as an assassin after the UC quest line has ended. This extra work is also available in a scenario where you tell Hadrian the secret, though. In any case, I recommend simply not telling Hadrian about her father in Starfield, as you’re missing out on a few different quests by telling her and there is no extra reward for telling her the secret.

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