Starfield: Should you shut down the Internal Neuroamp project at Ryujin?
Starfield: Should you shut down the Internal Neuroamp project at Ryujin?
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Starfield: Should you shut down the Internal Neuroamp project at Ryujin?

How big of a factor do morals play for you?

Throughout the Ryujin Industries quest line in Starfield, you will continually hear about something called Project Dominion. After completing some missions for the CEO of the company, named Masako, you will receive the full details on the project. Basically, it revolves around something called the Internal Neuroamp, which is an implant that allows the user to manipulate and control other people into doing what they want.

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You will actually receive your very own Internal Neuroamp in Starfield during the quest line and can see firsthand just how powerful it is. Obviously, with an item like that fully functional, Ryujin is set to make tons of money with the Internal Neuroamp. However, just before the Ryujin quest line ends, you will be able to either persuade or dissuade board members into shutting down the project or continuing with its launch.

Shutting down the Internal Neuroamp in Starfield

Starfield: Should you shut down the Internal Neuroamp project at Ryujin?
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If you get the necessary board votes to shut down the Internal Neuroamp, then you will have to make a decision. You can choose to either shelve the project for a time so the scientists at Ryujin can better study its effects or you can completely shut it down for good. There’s not much of a difference in picking either option, as CEO Masako will agree with the choice either way.

In this scenario, you still get to keep your Internal Neuroamp for any future use. It’s up to you whether you use it or not, but you will have it available to you. If you choose to shelve or shut down the Internal Neuroamp project, all of your companions will agree with the decision. When you exit the board meeting after the vote, the Ryujin quest line will effectively be over.

Continuing the Internal Neuroamp project in Starfield

On the flip side, if you get enough board votes to continue the development of the Internal Neuroamp, Masako gets what she wants. She and most of the other board members will be thrilled about this decision and the neuroamp will continue to be progressed by the scientists at Ryujin.

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The same results occur in this scenario as they did in the previous one, with one exception. You get to keep your Neuroamp and the Ryujin quest line ends, but all of your companions will hate that you allowed the project to continue.

Which choice should you make?

The board looks to you for an answer. | Screenshot via Upcomer

In all honesty, your choice here really doesn’t make a difference either way. Your quest rewards are the same after finishing the Ryujin quest line and you get to hang on to your Internal Neuroamp regardless. The only major difference is how your companions see you.

So, my advice is to simply follow your moral compass and decide how you think your character world in Starfield.

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