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Crafting components are required for several different reasons in Starfield. Whether you’re constructing an Outpost, modding a weapon or spacesuit, or trying to complete a research project, you will need a fair share of crafting items. Specifically, if you’re trying to craft livable quarters at your Outpost complete with habs, furniture, and decorations in Starfield, you will need a ton of Structural Material.

Structural Material is a common organic resource that can be found in a number of different ways in the Settled Systems. This material is most commonly used when you are building decorations and furniture at your Outpost but it’s also a requirement for several research projects. If you have been struggling to locate Structural Material in Starfield, check out the guide below to ensure you never run out again.

Getting Structural Material in Starfield

Structural Material Starfield
What Structural Material looks like. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Structural Material is not a mineral, meaning you cannot use an Extractor to mine it from an Outpost. Luckily, since it’s such a common resource, you will be able to easily purchase it from several vendors around the major cities in the Settled Systems.

Most general traders will carry a solid amount of Structural Material in the “Resources” tab of their inventories. Here are some of the best vendors I found where Structural Material is readily available:

  • Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis)
  • Shepherd’s Goods (Akila City)
  • Newill’s Goods (Neon)
  • UC Distribution (New Atlantis)
  • Any Trade Authority store
  • Zuri’s General Store (The Key)

Structural Material will run you about 10 credits each and most vendors will carry roughly 10-20 of the item at a time. You can refill a vendor’s stock by waiting 24 hours in Starfield and then come back to buy more of whatever they’re selling.

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Additionally, you can find minimal amounts of Structural Material by looting random creatures and picking certain flora on planets. This won’t yield you much Structural Material, but it’s always worth looking to find any extras that you can add to your stock.

For the most part, though, relying on vendors will give you more than enough Structural Material for your needs.

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