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There is a myriad of healing items that you can obtain throughout your journey in Starfield. From the traditional Med Packs to the more advanced Emergency Kits, you will have plenty at your disposal to ensure you’re kept in good health while traveling from planet to planet. However, some players are more concerned with dealing damage rather than healing themselves. If this is you, then you might be in the market for CQB-X, a damage-enhancing healing item in Starfield.

CQB-X increases your melee damage by 25% for five minutes, which is quite the boost to have if you’re rocking a sword, knife, or other melee weapon. As you may have discovered, though, CQB-X is not the easiest item to get ahold of in the Settled Systems. If you have been struggling to find CQB-X in Starfield, then fear not, as I will give you several different locations for it in the guide below.

Getting CQB-X in Starfield

CQB-X Starfield
What CQB-X looks like. | Screenshot via Upcomer

As CQB-X is a healing item, the easiest place to purchase it is through a Doctor. There are Doctors spread out all over Starfield, but here are some of the first ones you can find:

  • The Well (New Atlantis)
  • MAST District at Reliant Medical (New Atlantis)
  • The Clinic (Narion system)
  • Akila City (Inside The Rock)

At a Doctor’s, you can purchase pretty much every healing item in Starfield, and this includes CQB-X. They will cost you roughly 500 credits a pop, though, so be careful with your money.

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In addition to purchasing the item through a Doctor, you can also find CQB-X in the “Aid” section of many general traders as well as aid vendors. This includes the following locations:

  • CJ’s (New Atlantis Residential District)
  • Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis)
  • Shepherd’s Goods (Akila City)
  • Newill’s Goods (Neon)
  • UC Distribution (New Atlantis)
  • Any Trade Authority store
  • Zuri’s General Store (The Key)

Finally, CQB-X is also located in random containers across any planet or location in Starfield. I have had the most luck finding CQB-X in the differently-colored emergency containers with the medical cross on them, but you can find the item pretty much anywhere, so always make sure to keep an eye out for it.

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