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Are you in the market for a brand new ship or perhaps want to see if a Ship Service Technician has a specific part you need? If so, then you might want to check out the Stroud-Eckland Staryard, which is one of the best ship vendors in all of Starfield.

Similar to the Deimos Staryard, Stroud-Eckland Staryard sells specific ships and parts that are manufactured by, you guessed it, Stroud-Eckland. While the selection at the staryard still only features a handful of ships, they will likely be ones that you have never seen before. If you want to browse the selection at the Stroud-Eckland Staryard or simply visit a new location in Starfield, then check out the guide below to see exactly where it’s located.

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Finding the Stroud-Eckland Staryard in Starfield

The Stroud-Eckland Staryard is a floating space station that you can find in the Narion system. This is the system where every player starts Starfield, but to jog your memory, it’s located to the northeast of Alpha Centauri and to the west of Cheyenne.

Stroud-Eckland Staryard in Starfield
The location of the Stroud-Eckland Staryard. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you’re in the Narion system, you want to travel to the planet with the rings on it in the right part of the map. Here, you will find the Stroud-Eckland Staryard floating to the north of this planet. You can fast travel there directly and once you’re within 500 meters of it, you can dock at the station.

Stroud-Eckland Staryard in Starfield
Screenshot via Upcomer

Inside the station, head to the showroom and speak to the Ship Services Technician to see the available list of ships they have for sale. You can also customize your own ship with new modules that are manufactured by Stroud-Eckland. Aside from that, there’s not much else to do at the station aside from talking to a few other people.

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