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If you have ever visited a weapons or spacesuit workbench in Starfield, then you might have seen an option to equip skins. This option is the last mod option that you have at these workbenches, but it doesn’t appear to do anything substantial.

When you click on the “skins” box, all that will come up is an option to equip the default skin for the gear you’re trying to mod. You have no other option to equip an additional skin and the game doesn’t explain how/if you are able to acquire other skins for your gear. This has left players confused, as they want to kit out their weapons and spacesuits in a fancy design or color.

In the guide below, I will explain whether it’s possible to find and equip skins or not in Starfield.

Can you equip skins in Starfield?

Starfield: How to find and equip weapon skins
Skins are an option in the workbench menu. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it is not possible to equip your own skins on a weapon or spacesuit in Starfield. I’m not sure why Bethesda decided to add the “skins” option to the workbench menu, but I can only assume it’s because the developers are planning to add skins in the future.

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As for now, the only way you can get a skin on a weapon or spacesuit is to find one that already has a skin equipped. As you can see in the screenshot, I have a pistol called “Ember” that came with a yellow and orange skin by default. I’m not able to change this skin in the weapon workbench, though, so it’s permanently on the gun.

Starfield: How to find and equip weapon skins
The Ember weapon skin. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Perhaps future DLC will add the ability to find skins in Starfield, but you’re currently not able to do anything with this feature in the game.

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