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If there is one defining reason why Apex Legends took off, it’s that every popular Twitch streamer was paid to play it. Before the game launched, multiple big-name streamers were given the opportunity to visit Respawn Entertainment to play-test the game. Among these big names was Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek.

At this play-testing, streamers got to play Apex Legends and give their thoughts on the game. While they were there primarily to help the developers with balance and gameplay, they were also given the chance to test out new Legends.

This includes the Season 2 addition Octane and the unannounced electrical technician, Wattson.

Shroud’s thoughts on Wattson

Though nothing is official, it’s widely assumed that Wattson is the next Legend to come to Apex. However, Respawn has obviously been tinkering with the character before the game even released.

Shroud is among the first to publicly acknowledge Wattson’s existence. Although, he didn’t have many nice things to say about the way Wattson played.

Here’s what he said in an earlier Twitch stream.

As a fan, you never want to hear anything negative about a future addition. Shroud saying he “hated” playing as Wattson doesn’t necessarily instill confidence. However, as he later says, the character just didn’t seem to be his style of play. So while it wasn’t fun for him personally, maybe it will be enjoyable for someone else.

When is Wattson coming to Apex Legends?

Again, we’re not officially sure if Wattson is the next Legend. Although, all of the leaks point to this being true. Also, her abilities and renders of her equipment are already in the game’s files. According to these files, electricity is Wattson’s specialty, with a Tesla Trap as an ultimate ability.

Shroud Apex Legends Wattson hated him
Wattson’s potential abilities. Photo credit to @Shrugtal on Twitter.

So, assuming Wattson is the next character, when can we expect her to arrive? The latest Legend, Octane, was added in with the Season 1 update. With Season 2 approaching quickly, it’s a fair guess to say Wattson will follow in Octane’s footsteps. Respawn almost certainly won’t add her in towards the end of Season 1.

Either way, hopefully Respawn can turn the Apex Legends ship around. A fun new Legend could be just what this game needs to revitalize the popularity it once had.

What do you think of Shroud’s opinion of Wattson? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Apex Legends news and updates.