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One of the more difficult decisions that Dying Light 2 Stay Human presents players is the choice between upgrading stamina or health. Players are able to upgrade their max stat in these areas once they acquire three Inhibitors. This device is a collectible that can be found in GRE Crates and other locations around Villedor. However, they’re extremely rare, so players need to be cautious about which stat they upgrade once they acquire three of them.

While there are over 120 Inhibitors on the map, most are either difficult or time-consuming to find. This means the choice to upgrade stamina or health is even more important, as players don’t know the next time they’ll be able to upgrade. Though the choice comes down to personal preference, there are some factors to keep in mind when deciding.

Upgrading stamina or health in Dying Light 2

Stamina lets players fight longer and climb higher before running out of breath. Health is the basic stat that determines how many hits players can take when fighting an enemy or taking damage otherwise.

Dying Light 2 Inhibitors upgrade
After acquiring three Inhibitors, players will see this screen. | Provided by Techland

In Dying Light 2, both stats are vital to the player’s survival in Villedor. When deciding which to upgrade, players should consider stamina over health, for the most part. While max health should be upgraded at least a couple of times, stamina is used far more often in Dying Light 2.

Having higher stamina means players can fight enemies for longer, meaning they won’t get hit as much. Also, climbing for a longer amount of time reduces players chances of falling off ledges after running out of breath. Higher stamina also comes in handy at night when the player’s immunity is running low and they need to get to a UV light quickly. Being able to climb longer gives players that extra advantage to reach a far-away UV light or bed.

Of course, if players like to fight zombies left and right, they should go for an upgrade to health. It really depends on how players envision themselves playing through Dying Light 2. For most players, though, stamina will be the more important stat. It allows players a little more freedom on the map, whether they’re climbing or fighting.

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