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Throughout your journey in Dead Island 2, you will come across dozens and dozens of weapons. Some of these are rewards for completing a quest while most of them you will find scattered throughout the maps or as a drop from an enemy. Usually, the weapons you find won’t be any stronger than the ones you currently have in rotation. However, because everyone has a hard time resisting the thrill of picking up loot, you decide to add those weapons to your inventory anyway. Then, when you decide you don’t need them anymore in Dead Island 2, you have two options, which are to either sell or scrap those weapons.

You have the ability to scrap weapons at Workbenches, which are found all over the levels in Dead Island 2. On the other hand, you can sell a weapon for cash at a trader, who are NPCs found in most safe areas in the game. It can be difficult to choose what to do with your unwanted weapons, though, so allow us to make the choice for you.

Sell or scrap weapons in Dead Island 2

Sell or scrap weapons Dead Island 2
You can sell weapons at a trader’s shop. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

Most of the time, it is more beneficial to sell weapons in Dead Island 2 rather than scrap them. This is purely based on the fact that cash is much more useful and harder to come by. You need cash to buy more ammo, better weapons, and crafting blueprints along with repairing weapons. Repairing weapons alone will force you to run out of cash quite quickly in Dead Island 2, which makes cash much more valuable than the spare parts you receive for scrapping a weapon.

However, if you are short on materials to craft a new mod, then it would be perfectly fine to scrap a few weapons. Of course, those materials are easily found throughout the map in Dead Island 2 if you search all of the surrounding buildings and areas. As such, cash is more important and scarce, meaning you should usually sell your weapons to increase the size of your wallet as much as possible in Dead Island 2.

If you’re interested in how to acquire new weapons, like your first gun, then check out our previous guide. You can also check out if it’s possible to repair broken weapons.

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