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After you have made your way to the settlement of Sainte-Anne in Skull and Bones, you’ll go meet with the Kingpin, John Scurlock. Scurlock runs everything pirate-related on the island, and he wants you to do some work for him so you can climb the ranks and increase your infamy.

However, during this exchange, you’re given a dialogue choice by Scurlock. One option says you’ll rob merchants to get goods Scurlock needs while the other says you can trade your way into those goods. This seems like your first major decision of Skull and Bones, but does your dialogue choice really matter in the grand scheme of things? You can read the guide below to find out.

The choice to rob or trade for Scurlock in Skull and Bones

When I first talked with the Kingpin, my initial inclination was the pick the “rob merchants” option. After all, I’m playing a pirate game, so why not act like one? However, I was naturally curious to go back and see if anything would change if I chose the “trade” dialogue option.

Screenshot via Upcomer

Unfortunately, the only aspect that changes between these two choices is what Scurlock says. He’ll say a different line depending on what you choose, but other than that, the choice is essentially meaningless.

If you pick the “trade” dialogue option, Scurlock says that you have a nose for a bargain, but you need a larger hold to become a true trader. On the other hand, picking the “rob merchants” option makes Scurlock say that you have the attitude of a pirate, but once again, you need to boost your infamy.

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After Scurlock says one of those lines, he gives you the same dialogue, cutscene, and quest. So, to sum up, pick whichever dialogue option you’d like, as it doesn’t matter either way in Skull and Bones.