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It’s inevitable that, at some point, your ship will take some form of damage in Skull and Bones. Even if you’re the best pirate the East Indies has ever seen, you won’t be able to keep your ship at 100% health. As a result, you need to know how to repair your ship if you want any chance of surviving the open seas in Skull and Bones.

Fortunately, there are a couple of different ways to repair your ship, both on land and at sea. This way, you can always keep your ship healthy regardless of where your character is located at a given time. To see all of the ways to repair your ship in Skull and Bones, check out my guide below.

Best ways to repair your ship in Skull and Bones

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The easiest way to repair your ship is when you’re docked at a settlement or island. When you go back to embark on your ship, you’re brought to a menu where you can manage your ship, cargo, and change your current ship. However, there’s also an option to “Repair” your ship here. This option requires a varying amount of silver, depending on how much damage your ship currently has.

In the bottom-left of this menu, you can see a hammer icon next to the word “Repair.” There’s also a number next to the icon, which indicates how many Repair Kits you have remaining in your inventory. Repair Kits are the primary way you’ll keep your ship healthy. They can either be looted from caches, given as quest rewards, or bought from vendors as blueprints, like the Carpenter. You can use the Repair Kit blueprints to craft them yourself. There are different levels of Repair Kits (I, II, etc.) that heal your ship better and faster, but the higher-level Repair Kits cost more materials to craft.

Screenshot via Upcomer

If you find your ship badly damaged while you’re at sea, you can use a Repair Kit on the go by opening up the Action Menu (X/Square on controller). Here, navigate to the Repair Kit option on the left-side of the menu and use a kit to instantly heal your ship. There’s a 60-second cooldown between when you can use another Repair Kit, so make sure you keep your ship healthy enough for a minute, as you won’t be able to repair it further during this time.

Those are the main ways to repair your ship in Skull and Bones. Your main goal is to acquire as many Repair Kits as possible so you can always have the option to get your ship back to 100% health. I recommend buying the Repair Kit blueprints from the Carpenter as soon as possible and crafting a bunch of them early on in Skull and Bones. However, you should also acquire enough through other means to not worry about it for a while.