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As with any new Apex Legends season, players are naturally drawn to the latest addition to the legend lineup. With Season 4, that would be Revenant, the death-hungry robot. Also, there are some awesome new cosmetics for Revenant, which makes players want to use him even more.

However, there appears to be a fairly large bug with Revenant’s ultimate ability, Death Totem. Some users are finding themselves in an entirely new portion of the map after dying while in Shadowfall mode.

New bug with Revenant’s Death Totem

As a whole, Death Totem is a decent ultimate ability. Some would argue that it needs a buff to be competitively viable, but for normal play, it’s a solid choice. As such, there are a ton of Revenant players running around in the standard playlists.

However, one unlucky Revenant player discovered a huge bug with Death Totem. A Reddit user by the name of P-Soup posted a clip of this bug, which has since garnered nearly 2,000 upvotes.

Death Totem teleported me to Skyhook from apexlegends

The clip shows the user dying while the Death Totem is active. However, instead of being sent back to the totem like usual, the player is teleported to Skyhook. This location was nowhere near the train that the player was on originally.

Perhaps the bug is specific to the train itself, but this is a big problem nonetheless. Players who know how to activate it could exploit this bug quite easily. For example, if you’re in a tough spot while on the train, you could activate Death Totem and teleport somewhere else entirely to heal up.

We’re also not sure if the teleportation only sends players to Skyhook like it did in the clip above. There doesn’t look to be another clip posted on social media. Either way, Respawn needs to address the issue along with the fridge exploit currently ravaging Apex Legends.

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