Respawn teases new legend Wattson coming to Apex Legends soon

Respawn teases new legend Wattson coming to Apex Legends soon

Wattson, the electricity-themed Legend we’ve seen so many leaks about, is finally confirmed. The official Apex Legends twitter account teased the Legend today, indicating a June 8 reveal. Respawn’s panel at EA PLAY 2019 should open with information about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and then preview Season 2 of Apex Legends.

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When will she be playable?

It’s unlikely that the Legend will join Apex Legends on June 8. She really shouldn’t be in the game before Season 2 starts some time around the end of the month. Respawn has previously indicated each season will only include one new Legend. What we will likely get is a hype-inducing video preview of Wattson in action, at best.

Then if Respawn stays true to form, random little clues may begin appearing around Kings Canyon to signal her arrival. After all, that’s how they teased Octane, much to the Apex Legends community’s confusion. Wattson — or Natalie Paquette — will by all probability join at the start of Season 2.

What we know so far

From previous leaks we know more or less what Paquette will look like in Apex Legends. The image at top is courtesy of data-miner Shrugtal, who posted it on Twitter on June 4.

Paquette is the daughter of an electrical engineer involved with the Apex games. She seems to have something to do with weapon production for the championship, evidenced by some of the weapon skins. The Galvanizer Alternator seen below is one of the guns bearing the name “Wattson.”

Galvanizer Alternator SMG from Apex Legends has the name Wattson on it

We also have some idea of her play style. Wattson will likely be a defensive Legend, due to the nature of her abilities. From previous leaks — and from Shroud inadvertently comparing her to trapper Legend Caustic — we know her primary ability will include placing down Tesla Traps. Area lockdown tactics like this are the bread and butter of a defensive Legend. I am personally very excited to add another member to the bunker squad.

Below you can see the leaked placeholder icons for her abilities:

Wattson abilities placeholder icons art

Make sure to check out our coverage of the June 8 reveal! In the meantime, stay tuned to Daily Esports for our upcoming Apex Legends weapon guides!