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During Respawn’s EA Play live stream on July 22, Apex Legends’ Game Director Chad Grenier unveiled abilities for the newest character in the popular battle royale, Seer.  The new Recon character will join the other Legends when Season 10 begins on Aug. 3.

Seer: Apex Legends full gameplay reveal

Seer features tracking abilities similar to Bloodhound and Crypto. His passive will be an “ADS heartbeat sensor” that can detect nearby motion through walls. The new Legend’s tactical ability will release his insect-like, fluorescent microdrones to reveal and track nearby enemies. Finally, his ultimate ability will unleash a swarm of microdrones to create a sphere in a targeted area. The drones will track enemies “moving quickly” within the sphere and reveal them for its duration.

“Seer is about very precise and lingering information,” Grenier said. As he described it, Seer’s ultimate will only track enemies moving above a certain speed. Slower, stealthy movement will serve as counterplay, which has not been the case for previous Recon legends. Bloodhound and Crypto are both popular and powerful picks in competitive play and will feature heavily at the last major competition of Season 9, BLAST Titans. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see how Seer fits into the professional meta.


Respawn teased Seer over the past week through a series of animated shorts, culminating with the new “Stories From the Outlands” cinematic. The animated story was directed by renowned animator Robert Valley, known for his work on Gorillaz’ music videos as well as “Love, Death, and Robots.” The character is voiced by Nigerian voice actor Iké Amadi.