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The EA Play 2019 Apex Legends Season 2 preview showed off a lot of the changes coming to the game. Still, Respawn did not reveal anything about the mysterious fifth equipment slot recently added to the game. The Wattson gameplay footage did briefly flash the slot in Respawn’s internal version of the game, though. It now appears it might be for ammo belts.

New ammo type?

A recent leak – which you can see below – shows what appear to be the same icon seen in the Apex gameplay trailer. According to the leak, these are placeholder icons found in the game’s files. They also appear to show a new ammo type.

Data-mine leak shows potential new ammo type as well ammo belt equipment icon

We cannot confirm whether this leak is legitimate, or what it would mean if it is. The icon is extremely similar to the one visible in the gameplay trailer, however, which you can see in the lower right corner of the image below. This has led some people to speculate it will indeed be an ammo belt. Either way, we most likely won’t know the function of this new equipment type until the launch of Season 2.

Apex Legends Season 2 Wattson gameplay footage showed the mysterious fifth equipment type

The Mozambique will not be a meme in Season 2

There are a lot of other weapon-related changes coming to Apex Legends in Season 2. “We are changing some of the meta balance of weapons to try and buff up some of the weaker weapons,” said lead producer Drew McCoy. He also mentioned that two new hop-ups will be added to the game.

McCoy went on to jokingly imply that the Mozambique will be buffed to the point of being “usable.” That’s going to be a pretty big buff. A recent data-mine leak uncovered that Apex will also get gold variants of the shotgun bolt and sniper stock attachments. Perhaps the gold bolt will be the item that pushes the Mozambique over the edge into “usable” territory?

Apex Legends Mozambique

The L-Star

Of course, there’s also the L-star, which is making its return from Titanfall 2. Today’s reveal trailer showed off the weapon’s monstrous potential and unique properties. It’s a full-auto weapon with a 60-round magazine and an extremely high damage-per-second profile.

The total carried ammunition will likely be 180 rounds, as the trailer showed off a specs screen saying “60 round magazine [x3].” To make up for its superiority, the L-Star “plasma-fueled EMG” will have an overheat mechanic. We don’t know the specifics yet, but in the reveal trailer, the weapon seemed to stop and play a cool-down animation after firing 30 shots.

McCoy also confirmed that the L-Star will be able to damage and break doors. That will make it the first Apex Legends gun capable of doing so. It also means the gun will be very potent in certain compounds, like Slum Lakes. It’s also worth noting, though, that the L-Star’s projectiles seem to travel very slowly, meaning that leading your shots will play a big role in using the L-Star effectively.

Thankfully, the weapon will also be difficult to get a hold of. McCoy stated that it will only be found in supply drops due to its “overpowered” nature.

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