Respawn is making Apex Legends cheaters play against each other

Respawn is making Apex Legends cheaters play against each other

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The war Respawn has been waging on Apex Legends cheaters since launch has just reached an unexpected and hilarious stage. The studio posted an update on their efforts to fix netcode problems and address cheating on Reddit on July 12. In it, they casually mentioned they are now matchmaking cheaters against each other.

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Fight fire with fire

The post stated that Respawn is working on a multitude of fronts to combat cheating in Apex Legends. This includes analyzing suspicious behavior to develop methods to block cheaters and spam accounts before they even play. They are using machine learning to achieve that.


When prevention fails, Respawn is taking a more drastic measure. Verified cheaters and spammers will be put together in their own terrible Apex Legends matchmaking. This is a highly entertaining concept, but it might prove functional too. After they are forced to face each other in unfair and unpleasant circumstances, cheaters may choose to leave Apex Legends behind altogether.

This method is actually one of the Apex Legends community’s favorite solutions. The idea has been pitched repeatedly on Reddit, and it always garners near-universal approval. Now that the studio is employing it, we will see if it was a viable solution all along.


After cheaters, code:leaf crashes might be Apex Legends‘ second biggest issue. Many players report that the game would boot them from their match with this error message. The problem has persisted for months. Respawn’s post states they are making progress. However it also notes that the studio is somewhat mystified by the error themselves.

Apex Legends has started dropping the ban hammer on cheaters and hackers everywhere

Apparently, code:leaf knocks out not just individual players, but the entire lobby when it strikes. The studio is currently working on identifying its cause. The post notes that this might take time due to the confusing nature of the error.

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