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It seems Respawn has been hiding Apex Legends lore in plain sight — and it may hint at some new characters. While the names of 11 future Legends were discovered a while back, we now know a little bit more about three of them.


The first one is Talchum, seen in the background of Respawn’s promotional art for Pathfinder. His appearance doesn’t give any hints about his abilities or play-style, but his name might. Talchum – or t’alch’um – is a Korean cultural practice that involves dancing and masks. Its meaning and purpose can vary, but it often evokes the ideas of transformation and mimicry. And Apex’s Talchum is indeed shown surrounded by masks in Respawn’s artwork.

If Talchum is coming to Apex Legends, this could mean anything. It could be as simple as wearing a stylish ballistic mask with additional headshot protection. It could also be much more sinister and complex. Talchum could be an infiltrator Legend, able to disguise himself as a member of an opposing team.

It’s worth noting that his sleeve in Respawn’s artwork has “09” written on it. Could Talchum be the first new Legend added to the game, before – or alongside – Octane?

A promotional poster for Pathfinder shows a possible glimpse at Talchum in the background.
A promotional photo for Pathfinder that may show a Talchum poster in the background.


All we previously knew about Wattson was that their name and one of their abilities were discovered in the game’s files. Titanfall theorist The Flying Tea Cup thinks he might have found out something more. He analyzed the newspaper seen in Apex’s intro cinematic. Some of his findings can be found on his channel.

“This information isn’t really a leak, it has been in the eyes of millions since launch, though it seems that no one has cared to notice it,” he said in an interview with Daily Esports. “I think this was intended by Respawn to be found by someone at some point.”

The text he found discusses an upcoming legend called Natalie Paquette. She is stated to be the daughter of an electrical engineer. According to the text, she will play “a much different game than the other legends.” The phrase “one of the biggest shocks” is also seen in the paragraph discussing her.

Respawn's Apex Legends lore hints at Talchum, Octane and Wattson
A mock-up combining all available clippings of “The Outlands Journal” with details on Wattson and Octane. Compiled by The Flying Tea Cup

We cannot confirm that Paquette is Wattson, but there is something to be said about the “biggest shock” detail. Based on Wattson’s name and that of their ability – Tesla Traps – it’s likely they would be an electricity-themed Legend. There are also two electricity-themed weapon skins in the Apex shop with the name Wattson on them. One is the Galvanizer Alternator skin, the other the Quantum Chaos Havoc skin.


In his analysis, The Flying Tea Cup has also discovered a paragraph discussing Octavio Silva. He is said to be joining the Apex Games “next season.” Octavio is an “amateur daredevil… last seen in the public eye being whisked away by a SARAS Medevac Ship after being paralyzed in an explosion.”

It’s hard to argue the many parallels between this information – found in the actual game – and the recent leaks about Octane. Octane is described as a “High Speed Daredevil” in the skillset leak – check. His paralysis explains the robotic legs seen in all leaks – check. Similar names – check.

Interestingly, the SARAS detail also suggests a connection with Gibraltar. SARAS stands for Search and Rescue Association of Solace. It is where Gibraltar’s parents both volunteered, according to Gibraltar’s official bio. It would be great if those two have some unique banter once Octane joins Apex Legends.

More on Octane

On a related note, Twitter user Shrugtal recently indicated that the controversial Octane leak from last week may have come from a closed playtest session. Shrugtal is the source of the majority of the data-mining information to come out in recent weeks.

“[Childz_pl4y’s] Instagram seemed like he was most likely a student,” he said in an interview with Daily Esports, referring to the source of the first two Octane leaks. “EA does play-testing at its worldwide centers. Also there were no [developer] watermarks on it, so it was a release candidate.”

In theory, this would put to rest some of the criticisms against the leak’s credibility, such as the matchmaking icon. It would also explain why the leak’s source refused to get back to us, as they would be bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

All this, in turn, would mean that Octane’s kit will indeed include a speed-boost, self-heal, and a trampoline. Once again, we cannot 100% confirm this, but it certainly sounds exciting if true.

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