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The Apex Legends community has been up in arms with the number of bugs in the game. Finally, Respawn Entertainment has addressed many of those issues. A post on the Apex Legends subreddit on May 10 follows up on “a few of the topics we discussed in our Update to Apex Legends blog“. It goes on to say that the developmental team is “working on the next patch that will have improvements” in many areas.

Some of these areas include Hit Registration, the Fortified Bug, slow motion at the start of each match, audio issues, Piggy-Backing, and PS4 crashes. These fixes are a great first step towards what many in the community are looking for.

Hit registration and the Fortified Bug

The first area addressed with Apex‘s upcoming patch is related to hit registration. According to Jayfresh, the Respawn Community Manager, the team has “been able to reproduce and locally fix many cases of incorrect hit registration”. The incorrect hit registration mostly has to do with the way the game client and server display characters in their animations. This and other similar reasons cause the issue, which Respawn will hopefully fix with the next update.

Another problem, the Fortified Bug, happened due to balancing changes to Gibraltar and Caustic. Jayfresh notes that a fix will be made in the next patch. The balancing change — a buff to the two characters for being large — was originally a 10% damage reduction. However, this resulted in a bug where players took damage even with shields.

Slow motion and audio issues

Another issue mentioned is a server connection bug that caused players to drop down in slow motion at the start of matches. The Apex Legends team added “additional tracking and telemetry to [the] dedicated servers” and found several machines had faulty hardware. Due to this change, the quality of matches should noticeably improve as well.

Respawn will also fix two audio issue areas with the next patch. These include an overall audio problem with sounds dropping out or stuttering, as well as an audio bug involving footsteps. The Community Manager thanks everyone in the community for providing clips to help them debug this issue. He also notes that players should “continue to report audio issues you find” while including “any footage and context like [the] series of events happening in the match that lead up to [the] issue.” The bug report submissions should also contain information about “what platform, specs [if on PC] and what audio peripherals [the player] is using [headphones, surround sound, etc]”.

Piggy-backing and PS4 crashes

Piggy-backing is defined as a player who leeches off other players in the squad but doesn’t participate. This would be behavior where players don’t “collect a weapon, fire a shot, don’t deal any damage, etc”. The post mentions how the Apex team noticed feedback from players about other players not contributing. Because of this, they have decided to start giving out “temp bans for players that exhibit piggy-backing behavior”. Also, cases regarding excessive or extreme behavior could lead to a permanent ban. However, the post goes on to mention that this rule won’t go into effect immediately.

Finally, the last issue being addressed is a small update to fix Lifeline’s “Pick Me Up” Banner, which was causing crashes. The Apex Legends team has decided to disable the banner and fully resolve the issue in a future patch.

What do you think about this new update by Apex Legends? What other areas would you like to see updates or improvements? And if you want to keep up with all of the latest news and content, keep track on our Apex Legends page!

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