Respawn developer confirms a Season 6 Loba buff in Apex Legends
Apex Legends Loba Season 6 buff

Respawn developer confirms a Season 6 Loba buff in Apex Legends

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With Season 6 of Apex Legends just days away, Respawn Entertainment developers are starting to divulge more information. While they’re not giving away every secret the season has to offer, we are hearing about more and more details. One of the hottest topics before any new installment surrounds the Apex Legends meta. Specifically, the legend meta, as legends are the focal point of the game. Every player wants to know which character is receiving a buff and which ones getting a nerf. Well, for fans of Loba, get excited, as Respawn has confirmed the newest legend is getting a buff.

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Loba receiving a buff in Season 6

The introduction of Loba in Season 5 was quite thrilling, as Apex Legends had never seen a legend like her before. Her unique abilities made playing the game much more interesting, at least for the first few weeks. After the initial honeymoon period though, fans realized how weak Loba really was.

While her abilities are decent for niche situations, she’s simply not a good all-around legend. Picking her in competitive play is virtually a useless decision and casual playlists aren’t much better. With all of this, it was obvious to fans that Loba needed a buff and needed one soon.

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Apparently, Respawn Entertainment feels the same way. Yesterday on Reddit, Respawn’s senior game designer, Daniel Klein, commented on the current issue with the transporting legend.

Loba’s definitely weak. She started the season off strong and fell to the weakest spot by the end; that seems to be the way most of our new legends behave. We’ve got a little bit of a buff coming for her in 6.0, but it’s not much.

Though Klein did specify the buff wouldn’t be significant, anything positive happening to Loba is good for Apex Legends. At the time of writing, we’re not sure what the buff will entail and it seems likely we won’t know until Season 6 releases on Aug. 18.

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