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Apex Legends has been having some pretty good leak crops lately. Season 3 of Respawn’s battle royale just dropped, confirming a lot of things dataminers had been spoiling for weeks. Virtually everything we had heard about new legend Crypto turned out to be true, for example. Now Respawn itself is getting in on the game. It seems the studio has accidentally confirmed their upcoming Halloween event.

If you have had a chance to jump online since the Season 3 update, you might have noticed some new features on the legend loadout screen. A quip-wheel, the option for randomized music and loading screens, and other good stuff. And if you happened to also check your badge collection, you would have definitely noticed a spooky new badge.

Apex Legends fight or fright event badge

This badge, which we aren’t sure is supposed to be visible yet, confirms the Apex Legends Halloween event leak. Said leak is remarkably fresh, by the way. Just earlier today dataminer Shrugtal posted on Twitter about new code he had found in the games files. Oddly enough, at the time of the tweet the update was likely already live on some platforms. Sometimes you don’t have to dig deep.

Shrugtal was nice enough to also post some of the discovered assets from the Apex Legends Halloween event. It seems legends Crypto, Caustic, and Bloodhound will be getting some campy new looks. Some weapon skins will definitely be part of the Fight of Fright event too.

Apex Legends fight or fright event

Lifeline is the biggest winner in terms of cosmetics, however. From what we can glimpse in the leaked code, one of the event rewards is a full heirloom set for the medic legend. The code also mentions “Shadowfall.” Based on how previous events have gone, this is most likely the name of the limited-time match mode.

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