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Remnant 2 has you facing off against ungodly creatures in unimaginable worlds and it can sometimes be a bit challenging to know how to beat some of the tougher demons that get in your way. The Huntress is a tough boss but it helps if you better understand her abilities and how to take her down. Here are some tried and true methods for beating this fast and powerful boss.

Who is the Huntress in Remnant 2?

Remnant 2: Huntress Guide (Normal and Alternate Method) – GameSkinny

The Huntress is a powerful Dran that has overbearing attacks and a lot of agility thanks to her goat-like mount. She uses a long spear that gives her a lot of range on top of that. Sometimes she’ll even run off and you’ll have to find where she sped off to, adding another challenge.

The Huntress is found in the Losmn: Forsaken Quarter location as part of the Nightweaver quest. You’ll be automatically brought to this area after interacting with Nimue.

Strategies for beating the Huntress

Goat Jump: The Huntress leans backs and jumps forward, attempting to trample you.Dodge to either side.
Horn Attack: The Goat moves back and attempts to impale players with her horns in a two part vertical attack.Dodge to either side.
Spectral Crows: The Huntress creates three crows that fly towards the you.Shoot the crows down.
Cyclone Slash: The Huntress moves circularly on its place, and sends a powerful slash with her spear that tears the air.Dodge to either side.
Tri-Swipe: The Huntress makes three tracking sweeps that advance forward.Dodge backwards three times to get out of its range.
Swipe Fake-> Horn attack: The Huntress starts what looks like the Tri-Swipe and changes it up after first swipe into a delayed Horn Attack.Do your best to counter-attack.

When you first approach the Huntress, you’ll notice she’s sleeping. An alternative way to defeat her is to use a Dreamcatcher found in the next area while she’s sleeping. Head back to the Forsaken Quarter and hit her with it to get the Huntress Dream consumable. This will teleport you to Briella’s Reverie and you can find a good vantage point above her.

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