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Remnant 2 just received a hotfix patch that should provide some much-needed performance improvements.

On August 2, Remnant 2 developers announced that a hotfix patch had come out for the Xbox version of the game. The patch is focused on quality-of-life improvements, many of which have addressed concerns from outspoken players that had Early Access.

Here are the patch notes for Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 feels like playing seven games at once, and all of them are great  | Top Gear

Remnant 2 hotfix patch on August 2


  • Toned down the player VO comments
  • Added option in menu to turn motion blur on/off


  • Progression Blocker Fix for Labyrinth cinematic crashing and key not being awarded.
  • Progression Blocker Fix for exiting out of first lab cinematic and not receiving the zone door keys.
  • Progression Blocker Fix for Water Harp lever no longer working.
  • Progression Blocker Fix where Nightweaver Web would consume items you need for quest puzzles. If an item was consumed it should now be back in your inventory.
  • Added fix for Ultimate Edition players not receiving Gunslinger Engram in game if they didn’t start with Gunslinger.
  • Added fix for player possibly becoming invisible when using Labyrinth portal.
  • Added fix to prevent host’s save getting changed if they quit out the game while dead and then joined someone else’s game.

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