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While Remnant 2 can be played entirely solo, the experience is vastly enhanced when playing it in co-op with a friend. The game was designed with co-op in mind, so joining up with a friend will make your time in Remnant 2 much more enjoyable. However, some players, most notably those on PlayStation 5, have been experiencing some major difficulties getting co-op to work.

Whether it’s players can’t invite their friends or join them, the co-op feature has not been working as intended in Remnant 2 thus far.

Naturally, these affected players have wondered if there is a current fix they can use before the developers solve the issue on their end. Luckily, there is a single workaround that has seemingly worked for most players. You can check out the guide below to see what that workaround is and how to do it.

Remnant 2: How Many Players Can Play Co-op? - Answered - Prima Games

How to fix co-op not working in Remnant 2

First and foremost, for this fix to work, you will need to have your friend added on whatever system you are playing Remnant 2 on. So, if you’re on PS5, you need to have the friend you’re trying to invite/join added on PlayStation. That friend also needs to be playing Remnant 2 at the same time as you.

The workaround basically involves joining a friend’s game directly from a World Crystal. You can see the steps below:

  • Head to a World Crystal
  • Press “Join Game”
  • Click on “Campaign” and search for your friend’s gamertag on another world
  • When you see their name, select their current world and then choose to join their session

Another workaround that players have found is to remove their friend from their PlayStation friends list, launch Remnant 2, and then add them back when inside the game. Aside from those two fixes, though, there isn’t much you can do to solve co-op not working in Remnant 2. You will have to simply have to wait for the developers to issue a patch or keep trying the workarounds listed above.

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