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Planet Zoo has announced its ninth DLC content, the Wetlands Animal Pack. The upcoming DLC will introduce eight new water-based animals to the zoo builder on April 12.

A new free update is also coming on that same date, which finally allows players to walk around in their own zoo as if they were a guest, along with other changes and options.

The Planet Zoo Wetlands Animal Pack is animal-focused

Since its release in late 2019, Planet Zoo has seen a host of diverse DLC packs. But despite the existence of an Australia Pack, platypuses were still absent from the game. Capybaras were also an oft-requested animal, but did not arrive in the South America Pack.

However, with the Wetlands Animal Pack, fans will finally be able to adopt them, along with the Asian Small-Clawed Otter, the Spectacled Caiman, the Wild Water Buffalo, the Red-Crowned Crane and the Nile Lechwe. The final animal is, as usual, an exhibit animal, the Danube Crested Newt.

Planet Zoo Wetlands Animal pack platypus
A platypus doing platypus things | Provided by Frontier Developments

Planet Zoo releases two kinds of DLC packs: animal-focused ones or DLC that is a combination of animals and building materials. The Wetlands Animal Pack is the former, taking animals from all over the world without introducing any new scenery pieces. However, it does introduce accompanying enrichment items to make the new animals feel more at home.

Update 1.9 lets players walk around in their zoo and more

In the DLC’s initial announcement, Frontier Developments had already hinted that capybaras were on the way, as the update introduces new bathing behavior. Making a shallow pool of water and heating it will make animals chill out in their new hot spring. Fans immediately felt their hope rise at the thought of capybaras finally making their way into Planet Zoo.

Speaking of water, Update 1.9 will let players customize the water in their animals’ exhibits, such as changing the color or adding mist and bubble effects.

First-person camera is also finally entering Planet Zoo. Absent from the base game, Frontier Developments added the feature to one of their other games earlier this month, Jurassic Evolution 2. So, it seemed only a matter of time before it became available in Planet Zoo.

The final, notable change coming in the free 1.9 Update is the addition of roaming educators. These educators — you guessed it — roam around the zoo and… well, educate guests. This should make it easier to satisfy the guests who complain a zoo isn’t educative enough.

The Wetlands Animal Pack will cost players $10.

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