NRG win NA ALGS Pro League Split 2 Day 3 with 82 points
NA overall leaderboard for Day 3. NRG is at the top with 82 points
NRG take Day 3 of NA ALGS Split 2 Pro League with 82 points | Provided by ALGS

NRG win NA ALGS Pro League Split 2 Day 3 with 82 points

NRG's performance, was in fact, sweet

On Thursday, Groups A and B of the North American ALGS Pro League Split 2 faced off to compete for kill and placement points towards the playoffs, with NRG ultimately coming out on top of the six game NA series with x points.

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NRG take NA ALGS Split 2 Day 3

NA is bursting with Apex Legends talent, as evidenced by Esports Arena’s killer streak last weekend and TSM’s efficient victory over the Split 1 playoffs. On Day 3, it was NRG’s turn to show off what they’re made of. The squad, consisting of In-game leader Chris “sweet” Sexton, Aidan “rocker” Grodin and Nathan “Nafen” Nguyen, won two of Thursday’s six games back to back, racking up x points and x kills collectively.

Their first win came on Game 3, the final match Groups A and B played on Storm Point for this series. NRG launched themselves up the leaderboard by snagging the win and putting up 17 kills. Somehow, the squad managed to spend most of this game out in the open, but were still able to control space in the final circle, outliving the likes of TSM and Ghost Gaming. Sweet, in particular, put in work, switching between the Mastiff and R-301 to clear enemies and keep them at bay.

The final confrontation was a 3-v-3 between NRG and Atlanta Premier. This time it was Nafen’s turn to show off with the Mastiff. Atlanta Premier couldn’t withstand his barrage, so he and rocker cleaned up their opponents quickly to wrap up the game.

Game 4 also went NRG’s way. Though they were on the ropes going into the final ten of this match, NRG managed to pull it together enough to not only survive, but win the whole thing. In a nasty, crowded circle, Nafen managed to keep his cool and hit shots, protecting his teammates long enough for sweet to revive rocker. The squad entered the final three against all of TSM and one player from Atlanta Premier. NRG kicked off the final fight, taking the action to TSM. They managed to quickly take out Jordan “Reps” Wolfe and Evan “Verhulst” Verhulst, leaving Phillip “ImperialHal” alone. NRG easily managed to swarm him, cleaning both him and Hunter “Asura” Perez up.

During the final game, rocker’s connection was actually interrupted and he was knocked out of the server. These connectivity issues eventually led to NRG’s elimination relatively early in the match. Despite this, they were able to maintain their overall point lead, winning the day with 82 points. Nafen, sweet and rocker were all in the top five for kills as well, with Nafen coming in first with 21, rocker in third with 16 and sweet in fourth with 14. They now sit in second place for the league overall, behind TSM.

Groups C and D, which include teams like Esports Arena and 100 Thieves, will face off on Friday.