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On Monday, Respawn announced that alongside the Warriors Collection Event, which will begin on Tuesday, players on next generation consoles will be able to download an updated version of Apex Legends for their PlayStation5’s or Xbox Series X/S next gen consoles.

Next gen update comes to Apex Legends

The next gen updates for Apex Legends have been in the works for a while now, but the latest event will bring several updates, including the PS5 and XSX versions of the game. Up until this point, players on next gen consoles have simply been using backwards compatible versions of the game. Now they will be able to upgrade to a version of Apex designed with their newer machines in mind.

In addition to the next gen updates, the Warriors Collection Event will also introduce a new Arenas map, new cosmetic items, and will feature the return of the Control limited time mode; this time we’ll be playing within Caustic’s lab.

Apex Legends next gen update features

All of these features will be available on both PS5 and XSX when the update launches:

  • 4K output
  • Full 60hz gameplay
  • HDR
  • Higher resolution shadow maps
  • Greater LOD distances

These are features that will be coming to the next gen versions in future updates:

  • 120hz gameplay (Both)
  • Visual Improvements (Both)
  • Audio Improvements (Both)
  • Adaptive triggers (PS5)
  • Haptics (PS5)

How to install the Apex Legends next gen update

PlayStation5 – backwards compat version already installed:

  • Navigate to the Game Hub for Apex Legends on the PS5 dashboard.
  • Press the “Options” button next to “Play Game” (represented by “…” inside the Game Hub).
  • Press “Select Version” and choose the PS5 version to download the updated next-gen version.
  • Once the download is complete, navigate to the Game Library to delete the PS4 version.

PlayStation5 – Apex isn’t currently installed:

  • Navigate to the “Your Collection” tab of the Game Library on the PS5 dashboard.
  • Find Apex Legends in your list of games and select it.
  • When prompted, choose the PS5 version to download the updated next-gen version.

Xbox Series X/S

Players on Xbox don’t have to do anything to install the new version of Apex on their consoles, thanks to the Smart Delivery system.

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