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If you’ve been following and playing Apex Legends for a while, then you might have quite the skin collection built up. Whether it’s from packs or the Battle Pass, there’s certainly no shortage of cosmetics in the game. However, most skins you earn will either cost money or playtime with the exception of a few. Those exceptions would be the Apex Legends Twitch Prime skins, which are free if you have Amazon Prime. In the past, we’ve seen some truly unique skins, but according to a leak, there’s another one involving Wraith in the works.

Wraith to receive a Twitch Prime skin in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Season 4 has produced a couple of free skins. We saw the Gilded Rose outfit for Revenant at the start of the season and most recently Mirage’s St. Patrick’s Day outfit. Even with these skins, however, it appears Respawn isn’t done with the Twitch Prime promotion.

According to a dataminer by the name of @Biast12, there’s a current string of code in the game files that points to Wraith being the next legend to receive a Twitch Prime drop. This skin is supposedly called “Queen of Hearts” and is apparently loosely based on the Alice in Wonderland character.

While we don’t have any official confirmation this is the next Twitch Prime skin, we do have proof that Wraith is next in line. On the Apex Legends page of Twitch Prime, we can clearly see Wraith as the next legend.

Wraith Apex Legends Twitch Prime skin
Image via Biast12

According to this, it is scheduled to release on April 15. This is right in the middle of the new Old Ways Lore Event, so it appears even more content will now be available.

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