New Starfield 1.7.36 update is live on PC and Xbox, bringing a missing feature into the game - Upcomer

New Starfield 1.7.36 update is live on PC and Xbox, bringing a missing feature into the game

The Starfield patch notes from Oct. 9 are really short.

Starfield players looking for the game’s first big patch were left empty handed in the 1.7.36 update, which Bethesda released in the morning of Oct. 9. The company fixed a few bugs in quests, added some features, and mentioned undisclosed “additional stability and performance improvements,” all in the game’s blog post.

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The most significant addition to Starfield in this new patch is the FOV slider, which will let players change their field of view both in first and third person. Before that, PC players who wnated to change their FOV were forced to download a Starfield mod specifically for that. One of the mods that added such feature to the game was pretty popular, and players downloaded it almost 120,000 times.

The Oct. 9 update also fixes an issue with the Echoes of the Past quest. It could prevent players from progressing through it via unintended mob spawns. While the fix is a step in the right direction, players on Starfield’s subreddit are listing more quests with bugs that are getting them stuck, such as Legacy’s End and Hostile Intelligence.

“I have three side quests that I can’t progress on,” one of the users wrote.

Other issues that Starfield players may still run into in this new update are the lack of brightness adjustments, blocked Crimson Fleet quests, and the highly anticipated DLSS option. For now, installing game mods is the only way to have DLSS on Starfield.

The Starfield 1.7.36 update is already live on Xbox and PC and is almost 3GB large.

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