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In terms of gameplay mechanics, Apex Legends is fairly polished with how everything gels together. The mechanics outside of actual gameplay are another story, but there are no real problems with the current gameplay. The Legends work together in concert, and the pinging system allows for swift communication among teammates.

However, there is always room for improvement, as with any multiplayer title, and this fan-made concept provides just that. A simple, yet quite useful, modification to the pinging system would allow for even better communication. Let’s take a look at how this modification would work in Apex Legends.

Addition to the pinging system

The pinging system was a revolutionary addition in the world of battle royale titles. After Respawn implemented it in Apex Legends, Epic Games was quick to add the same system in Fortnite. The system is great for those players that don’t have microphones and even those that do.

However, everything can be improved in some way or another. A new fan concept doesn’t overhaul the system but does add a very useful feature. We’ll let Reddit user Jarek104 explain their idea:

Idea: Allow players to ping items directly from the inventory, without having to drop them on the ground. This would allow you to continue to carry the items and only drop them if team mates need them from apexlegends

Jarek104’s idea doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it does cut out some of the minutiae of looting and pinging items. Instead of dropping an item you can’t use from your inventory, you can ping it directly from your bag. If a teammate needs that item, they can ping you back, and then you drop the item.

In order for this concept to work, new lines of dialogue would be needed. For example, if you were pinging something in your inventory, your Legend could say: “Anyone need a Level 2 Light Magazine?” If someone on your team does, they could ping back saying: “Yeah, right here!”

Respawn hasn’t done much with the pinging system since the game’s release, so maybe it’s time for an addition. Hopefully, they at least entertain the idea.

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