New leak gives us a first look at Rampart in Apex Legends Season 6
Apex Legends Season 6 rampart turret

New leak gives us a first look at Rampart in Apex Legends Season 6

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With Season 6 of Apex Legends rapidly approaching, leaks are bound to pop up all over social media. This usually happens right before a major update and is happening yet again before Season 6 arrives. Set to release on August 18, the new installment will introduce a new legend, Rampart, to the game. Respawn Entertainment confirmed this is in its new cinematic trailer but we have yet to see Rampart in the actual build of Apex Legends. However, that changed with a new leak courtesy of a Reddit user.

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Rampart seen in Apex Legends menu

Unlike other leaks of this nature, this seems to be pretty airtight. A certain Reddit user posted an image to the Apex Legends subreddit that clearly showed Rampart in the legend menu. Of course, this post was immediately taken down, but not before some quick-handed users snapped a screenshot.

From the looks of it, this image seems to have been taken from a playtest of Season 6. As @Shrugtal points out, we can see the Season 5 Battle Pass logo on the top left of the screen. While not official, this seems to hint at a playtester leaking the character model of Rampart.

Assuming this image is legitimate, there’s not much we can gather from the leak. However, we can see that Rampart’s tag line is “Base of Fire,” which makes sense given her huge turret named “Sheila.” Speaking of that turret, it appears Rampart will carry it on her back. This might negate the need for her to call it in whenever she wants to activate that ability.

The last we have regarding Season 6 of Apex Legends is another leaked image, this time of the Volt SMG. Also confirmed to be included, the Volt is a long-awaited weapon that should mix up the meta this season.

The coming days should produce more leaks and official announcements, so stay tuned to Daily Esports for all updates.

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