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Light machine guns are for those Apex Legends players who like to roll through the opposition with overwhelming force. Hitting hard at close range and boasting large magazines, they generally trade the subtlety of other weapons for raw, sustained damage. This guide will introduce you to the basics of using an LMG, while focusing specifically on the M600 Spitfire.

Introduction to LMGs

There are currently three unique LMGs in Apex Legends, with only two of them spawning on the map. While they each have their individual quirks, one basic principle applies for all: always hipfire at close range. LMGs reduce your movement speed by 59 percent when aiming down sights, making you an easy target. Moreover, while they hit hard, LMGs don’t tend to do heavy upfront damage. The Devotion winds up its fire rate over time, and the Spitfire has low-ish DPS. You want to be able to dance while shooting, since taking down your opponent may take a moment.

Apex Legends lead farmer devotion
The Leadfarmer Devotion skin was inspired by the movie Tropic Thunder, according to Respawn’s Ryan Lastimosa.

LMGs perform best at mid-range. They have strong recoil but low innate scatter, so your accuracy is mostly a matter of controlling said recoil. LMGs have a 2x headshot multiplier, which applies at up to 60 meters. With a good barrel stabilizer and a steady hand, they are some of the strongest mid-range guns in Apex Legends.

Speaking of stabilizers, LMGs depend on parts somewhat more than other weapons. This is due to their low baseline stats. LMGs handle and reload slowly and kick hard, but they scale well with attachments; kit them right and they will shine. Your priority attachment for both regular LMGs is a good barrel stabilizer. The oh-so-flexible 2x Bruiser optic is your best bet in the scope department.

Apex Legends Spitfire legendary skin

The M600 Spitfire

The most straightforward weapon in Apex Legends’ light machine gun class, the Spitfire doesn’t actually spit that much fire. It has average damage and the lowest RPM of all full-auto weapons barring the EVA-8 and Mozambique. That, combined with its respectable projectile speed, makes it a fairly accurate weapon at its intended range.

The Spitfire has a massive magazine and relatively low DPS, so it calls for a slightly different play style. You need to be aggressive, chase your target, and outmaneuver them while firing from the hip. If you reload too often you may give enemies too much time to get the drop on you.

Spitfire at a glance Apex Legends

The infinite magazine can be a crutch, however. Do not get used to firing forever without reloading, and be conservative in general, because heavy ammo is scarce. When you do reload, make sure to grab cover first — the reload animation is on the long side.

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