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Luminosity Gaming announced they have signed an Apex Legends roster, with all three players of the roster coming from an H1Z1 history. Two of the players have also previously competed under the Luminosity organization. The new roster includes Justin “Yogi” Desse, Hogne “Chipzy” Krogsæther, and Derek “Sloth” Diaz.

New Apex Legends addition

“Adding Chipzy, Yogi, and Sloth … is incredibly exciting for us,” said Steve Maida, the President of Luminosity Gaming. “Entering into Apex Legends was a priority, and our goal was to bring the best in the game into the Luminosity family. That’s exactly what we’ve done.”

Justin “Yogi” Desse first joined Luminosity Gaming for its H1Z1 Pro League team. He has competed in both the H1Z1 FOTC and Elite Series tournaments.

Hogne “Chipzy” Krogsæther also joined Luminosity in early March 2017 when the esports organization entered the H1Z1 scene. He has placings in the H1Z1 FOTC and Elite Series as well. Chipzy also competed under Luminosity for PUBG.

Derek “Sloth” Diaz competed for Echo Fox in the H1Z1 Pro League in the past. He also competed for Denial Esports before that under their H1Z1 competitive roster.

Apex Legends competitive scene

Luminosity Gaming enters the Apex Legends scene a day after Ghost Gaming released their roster. Ghost Gaming players quoted the organization as having “disbelief in the game’s success as an esport.” This idea has also been shared by many others in the community, with no competitive league set up despite three months of wait.

Some examples include declining viewership on Twitch and new limitations by Apex Legends on maximum prize pools on third-party-hosted tournaments. In addition to a hacker problem that plagued the game for weeks, the only regular tournament with an actual prize pool is hosted by a third-party esports organization, T1. However, as seen in the tweet, there is only a $1,500 prize pool. With no chance of esports teams to create value for their organization through prize winnings, it is probably only content creation and endorsements left.

Do you think Apex Legends will come out with an esports circuit soon? Or will more and more teams release their Apex rosters? Keep up with all of the latest Apex Legends news and content at Daily Esports.