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Last Epoch is as challenging as ARPGs come, and with that being the case a lot of players are going to die… a lot. 

Different games handle dying in unique ways with some setting you back progress, others taking your loot, and the rest doing pretty much nothing at all. Naturally, before you start playing Last Epoch you’re going to want to know what the stakes are.

Here’s everything you need to know about dying in Last Epoch.

What is the death penalty in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch castle visuals
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

In Last Epoch there is no severe penalty for death outside of Hardcore mode. In the regular “Softcore” mode when you die you will not lose any of your items, gold, or experience unless you are in one of the end-game activities.

If you die while completing dungeons, monoliths, or in the arena you will not get the rewards that you otherwise would have received, but your overall progress will not be hindered by the death. We expect players will have mixed feelings on this, however, for those who want a tougher challenge there is always hardcore mode.

What is the hardcore death penalty in Last Epoch?

Hardcore mode as one would expect has a severe death penalty and that is the end of your hardcore adventure in Last Epoch. If you die you will be given the ability to continue with your character on a softcore server, however, there is no way that you can pick up your progress in hardcore.

That is the hardcore experience and it’s why a lot of players love it. If you die, typically you’ll start fresh and try again until eventually, you’re able to hit the level cap without ever facing death. This is the biggest challenge the game has to offer and something that only the best players will conquer.