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Apex Legends players can now rejoice as Respawn has enabled the Kings Canyon map in Season 4. Although the map is only available until Feb. 24, any chance to play on the Leviathan-infested area is welcome. During this time, players can choose between either Kings Canyon or World’s Edge. This has been a feature that fans have been asking for since early Season 3 when World’s Edge was first introduced. While it’s not a terrible map, many feel that the Season 1 and 2 map is superior in most ways.

Kings Canyon is back in Apex Legends

Though some are disappointed this promotion is only for a limited time, most are just excited to drop at nostalgic locations like Skull Town and Artillery again. World’s Edge is a beautiful map to look at, but it’s locations aren’t nearly as popular as the ones in Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends players have asked Respawn for this feature for quite some time. With the popularity of Kings Canyon, it seems to make sense to offer both maps to players. That way, old-school players can enjoy Kings Canyon and new-school fans can still play on World’s Edge.

However, for right now, fans will have to settle for a few days of being able to choose. Although, if this limited-time promotion goes over well, could Respawn possibly enable it full-time in the future? It’s unclear, but we do know Kings Canyon is coming back to Season 4. The second split of Ranked Series 3 will feature only Kings Canyon, so maybe we’ll see the map return to standard playlists as well.

Respawn has done something that many developers try to accomplish, which is create two great maps. They should attempt to capitalize on that as much as possible.

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