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Late last night, Season 6 of Apex Legends went live for all systems to the community’s delight. This has been a much-anticipated season for players as Respawn Entertainment has changed up the game quite significantly. There’s a new Crafting system, additions to the weapon and legend meta, and much more. However, one of most interesting aspects of any new season is the Battle Pass. Players always check out this stream of cosmetics before anything else to see what kind of items are available to unlock. Is Season 6’s pass worth the money?

The Apex Legends Season 6 Battle Pass

As always, there are two different versions of the Battle Pass in Season 6. There’s the free version, which earns you some cosmetics every few tiers. Then, of course, there’s the premium version, which offers a reward every tier for all 100 levels. The price for the premium pass hasn’t changed and still stands at around $10 USD.

However, this price tag does weigh on some players. There’s always the question of “is it worth it?” to spend $10 on the Apex Legends Battle Pass. Well, ultimately, it’s a matter of opinion. One crowd might like the items featured in the pass while others might hate the cosmetic choices made by Respawn.

apex legends season 6 battle pass
Image via EA

Although, there’s generally a consensus among the community regarding the Battle Pass. For Season 6, it seems as though more players don’t enjoy the new Apex Legends Battle Pass. Many feel as though Respawn could have done more with weapon and legend skins and cut back on some of the filler items.

There also seems to be the same amount of Apex Packs and Crafting Metals, which was a major complaint from seasons past. Of course, whether it’s worth it for you to buy is entirely opinion-based. But the majority of the community seems to agree that Respawn could have done more with Season 6.

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