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The Pokémon-inspired MMORPG Temtem came out of beta on Tuesday, opening up a new creature catching experience to players on a variety of consoles. As of now, the game is available on PC, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series S/X.

With the game being playable on so many platforms, Temtem tamers may wonder whether the game features cross-play or cross-progression. Here’s everything players need to know about the cross-platform capabilities of Temtem.

Is Temtem cross-platform?

Instructions for setting up cross-progression in Temtem
Instructions for enabling cross-progression in Temtem. | Provided by Humble Bundle

Temtem does support cross-platform progression, meaning players can use the same save data on multiple different consoles. To set up cross-progression, players must pull up their main menu, scroll over to the gear icon and select “Settings.” Near the bottom of the Settings menu, there is a sub-header labeled “Account.”

From here, players will want to click on “Cross-progression.” Then, players will have the option to designate their current console as a main or secondary platform. Selecting it as the main platform will reveal a code, while selecting it as a secondary platform will allow the player to enter the code from the main platform.

Once the main platform code has been entered on any secondary platforms, those platforms will be linked. However, players should keep in mind that they can only connect a secondary platform that does not already have any progress. As a result, they will have to delete any existing save data in order to enable cross-progression.

How to cross-play in Temtem

Temtem's Interact menu
Temtem tamers will frequently encounter others playing online in the same area as them. | Provided by Humble Bundle

As a cross-platform game, Temtem also features cross-play among players on different consoles. To engage in cross-play, tamers must head to the multiplayer icon of the main menu (which features two stick figures next to each other) and select “Interact.”

From there, players can see nearby trainers or search for a specific trainer, regardless of their console. Since the game is an MMORPG, all players must have a unique in-game name. As a result, it shouldn’t be hard to find a specific tamer. From there, Temtem players can engage in cross-platform battles and trades.

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