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Starfield is the biggest exclusive that Microsoft has had since the launch of their Xbox Series X|S devices, but rumors are circling that the game could be getting a wider release.

Bethesda being a Microsoft studio surprised nobody when they announced that Starfield would be exclusive to Xbox, but there were plenty of fans who have built love for the studio with Skyrim and other games left disappointed. If you were one of these people then you’re going to want to know what the current situation is regarding a PlayStation release.

Is Starfeild coming to PS5?

Starfield versions
Image via Bethesda

While it might shock you there does appear to be some merit to the idea that Starfield will be released on PlayStation after all.

In a report, XboxEra claims that sources revealed to them Microsoft’s plans to release games including Starfield on rival consoles, including the PS5.

“Microsoft are planning a launch for Starfield on PlayStation 5 post the release of the already announced “Shattered Space” expansion for Xbox and PC, which is on target to arrive at some point later this year,” the report from XboxEra claims. “We’ve also been informed that Microsoft have made additional investment into PlayStation 5 dev kits to support ongoing development efforts – adding further fuel to the fire.”

From these accounts, it seems fans can expect to be playing Starfield on PS5 in 2024, but as always we’d caution you from getting too excited until there is an official announcement from Bethesda or Microsoft directly.

It wouldn’t be too surprising to see Starfield come to PS5 eventually given the success Bethesda titles have had in the past with wider platform releases. Furthermore, Starfield hype seems to be tapering off between Xbox and PC players, so perhaps a new PlayStation release could put the spotlight on this space RPG once again.

Once we have official confirmation that Starfield will, or won’t be coming to PS5 this article will be updated to reflect that, but as of right now, all signs are looking positive.