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Skull and Bones is, at long last, releasing for gamers around the world. After years of delays, you can finally fulfill your dream of living as a pirate and commanding your own ship on the open waters. However, before your dream can realized, you might need to know if Skull and Bones is coming to Xbox Game Pass or not.

If you’re a Game Pass subscriber, it’s imperative to know whether a game is arriving on the service on its launch day. Knowing that information allows you to gauge whether you can simply download a game as a part of your subscription or if you need to physically buy the game.

Below, I’ll go into all of the details regarding Skull and Bones and its potential Xbox Game Pass release.

Can you play Skull and Bones on Xbox Game Pass?

Image via Ubisoft

Unfortunately for all Game Pass subscribers, it’s fully confirmed that Skull and Bones will not be arriving on the service on day one. As with most recent Ubisoft titles, Skull and Bones is coming to the publisher’s own subscription service, Ubisoft+, when it releases. The open world pirate game officially launches on Feb. 16, so that’s when you can start playing if you don’t have a subscription to Ubisoft+.

However, there’s also an open beta for Skull and Bones from Feb. 8-11, which you can download and play for free. Then, after that, the game launches early on Feb. 13 for any Ubisoft+ members.

It should also be noted that Skull and Bones is an online-only title for consoles. This means if you’re planning on playing with your Xbox or PlayStation, you need to have an online subscription (either to Game Pass Core or PS Plus) in order to access Skull and Bones.

While it’s possible Skull and Bones could eventually come to Xbox’s subscription service, Ubisoft is committed to growing Ubisoft+, so that’s where you’ll find a majority of the publisher’s new titles in the future.

You can play Skull and Bones on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store).