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Sea of Thieves launched in 2018 and has since only been made available on PC and Xbox consoles, but that might be changing according to a recent report from an industry insider. According to this insider, Microsoft has had thoughts about bringing the pirate game to PlayStation.

While it suffered a rocky launch back in 2018, Sea of Thieves has stabilized with several incredible updates, becoming one of the more popular live-service games on the market. It has established a bonafide community and player base, with fans still loving the core gameplay loop and all of the free expansions developer Rare has released. However, it Xbox and PC players might not have the seas to themselves for much longer.

Is Sea of Thieves releasing on PlayStation?

Screenshot via Microsoft

Stephen Totilo, an industry insider, recently reported that Microsoft is currently weighing the pros and cons of a PlayStation release. Totilo states the company “has looked into” this possibility recently, but didn’t offer any opinion as to what direction Microsoft is leaning at this point.

The insider also didn’t state a possible timeline for a PlayStation port should Microsoft bring Sea of Thieves to its rival’s platform. Speaking of the platform, there’s no indication if Sea of Thieves would just arrive on PlayStation 5 or if the PlayStation 4 would be included as well. Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox One, so a PS4 release is possible, but that generation of consoles is almost fully phased out by developers in 2024.

It seems we’ll have to wait some time to see if Microsoft breaks the exclusivity with Sea of Thieves. If it does, then perhaps this could mark a new trend for the industry, as exclusivity deals and titles have become fairly common, especially between Microsoft and Sony.