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A long standing debate amongst fans is which console is better? For some it comes down to money. For most, it’s whichever console they own. Who cares about the best if you don’t have it? That’s often the argument when it comes to what platforms a game is available on.

When Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI) was first announced, it looked like it would be a PlayStation exclusive. So much so that I went out and bought a PS5 so I didn’t miss out. But was I right in this decision? Will FFXVI be coming to Xbox?

FFXVI PlayStation launch exclusive

When the game was first announced, it was a PlayStation, specifically PS5 exclusive. This meant fans with a PS4 would not be able to play the game. If you’re a die-hard FFXVI, the only way to play the game on launch was the obtain a PS5. The game launched in June this year, exclusively for PS5. Fans are also able to play a demo version of the game for free on PS5. This was released prior to launch and included the first two hours of gameplay.

FFXVI will remain an exclusive on PlayStation for at least six months. At least according to the PS5 trailer:

Whilst the PC version of the game is confirmed, there’s no release date. Producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed during a panel at PAX West 2023 this month that the development for the PC version of the game is underway.

Will FFXVI be coming to Xbox?

In a recent interview with IGN, Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer hinted at Final Fantasy 16 becoming available on Xbox. Spencer said, “You’ll hear more.”

Then, when talking about Square Enix’s commitment to providing games on all platforms, Spencer followed it up with, “I’m not going to push them.”

Thus we don’t have any concrete answers on if or when FFXVI will be available on Xbox. If you’re a die-hard fan, I say bite the bullet, get yourself at PS5 and play today, or wait at least until sometime next year for the PC version of the game.

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