Is Diablo 4 crossplay? Cross-platform, cross-progression, and more
Diablo 4 crossplay
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Is Diablo 4 crossplay? Cross-platform, cross-progression, and more

Crossplay is an important feature to fans in 2023

Diablo 4 goes live on June 6, 2023 and June 1, 2023 for early access players. Hundreds of thousands of players will be flocking to their console or their PC to play the new iteration of the famous ARPG franchise. However, some of those players are curious as to how they can play the new title. More specifically, Diablo 4 players wish to know if they can play with their friends on other systems and take part in crossplay.

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Crossplay has become a mainstay feature in most multiplayer titles. While Diablo 4 is not a definitive multiplayer game, it does have elements of multiplayer and fans have always been able to play it in co-op. In this guide, we’ll go over whether or not Diablo 4 has crossplay and some of the other notable features, such as cross-progression.

Diablo 4 and crossplay

Fortunately for anyone with a friend on another platform, full crossplay functionality will be present at the very start of Diablo 4. Even in the beta, fans will be able to add any one of their friends using their Blizzard account and party up with them. So even if you’re on Xbox and you have a friend on PlayStation or PC, you will be able to take on Diablo 4 with them without any problem.

Cross-progression in Diablo 4

Aside from crossplay, if fans are planning on playing Diablo 4 on multiple systems, they’re in luck as well. The game will support cross-progression at launch, meaning that players can transfer their account over to another system and not lose any progress. For example, you can level up to level 20 on PC and then switch over to your PlayStation and still be level 20 on that same account.

You essentially can pick up where you left off no matter what platform you decide to play Diablo 4 on.

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