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It must have taken me eight tries to balance on the corner of the stone wall, gesture and then take a photo of my Samurai. And it wasn’t easy. That’s why Elden Ring needs a photo mode; so that I can capture these punishing and beautiful moments in some amazing light.

Elden Ring currently doesn’t have a photo mode and that isn’t likely to change in the coming months. Previous FromSoftware games like Sekiro and Bloodborne do not have photo modes even years after their initial release. Elden Ring could be far more popular than both of those games so, hopefully, that encourages FromSoftware to add one in a future update.

We could see a photo mode in Elden Ring anyway

Modders have taken the responsibility of building out a photo mode in previous games. Web developer Jim2point0 used a Cheat Engine to take beautiful screenshots of Sekiro, and he shared the code he wrote to help others do the same. Other players manage to still take amazing photos without the help of a photo mode.

Elden Ring modders have already released a number of useful additions to Elden Ring. Many give the open world a visual boost, but others give you the ability to pause the game mid-fight or re-shade the game to be a little less depressing.

We could see a photo mode in the future of Elden Ring, but it’ll only be available on the PC version of the game. Players will also have to be open to messing with their game files in order to make it work.

Elden Ring launched on Feb. 25 to rave reviews and huge popularity on Twitch. It has over 680,000 people playing on Steam at the time of this writing. Fans have been pulling all-nighters in order to kill Margit and Godrick.

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