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When it comes to getting the upperhand in fighting games, it’s all about mind games. You want to find ways to surprise your opponent, whether it’s executing a surprising combo from an unexpected angle or reading their movement and reacting with a counter. You’ve probably wondered how to get out of a corner to catch an enemy off guard when they have you trapped. Can you wall jump your way out?

Yes and no.

Can you wall jump in Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 has a lot of new attacks, techniques, and mechanics to master. One of those is the wall jump.

If you’re looking to wall jump, here’s how:

  • Make sure you’re near a wall
  • Jump up
  • Press the forward or back button while in the air, depending on the direction you’re facing

While it’s simple enough, there is a catch.

Which fighters can wall jump in Street Fighter 6?

The only character in Street Fighter 6 who can wall jump is Chun-Li. That’s because wall jumping is a Unique Attack, which means it’s something only certain characters can perform.

Chun Li wall jump

While Chun-Li is the only official fighter to wall jump in Fighting Grounds, you can perform a wall jump as your custom character in World Tour mode.

World Tour mode allows you to learn a variety of fighting styles under various Masters, including Chun-Li in Chapter 2-1. As her student, you will unlock her unique leg-focused fighting style. This includes her infamous wall jump.

If you want to fight online or with friends, however, you’ll need to use Chun-Li to wall jump.

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