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On Saturday, Apex Legends YouTuber RossBobSquirrel posted a video demonstrating a new version of the glitch that has affected Wraith’s portal ability in past seasons. This exploit allows players to draw weapons and shoot while travelling through the portal, something Wraith is normally not able to do.

Though it’s unclear how long this glitch will be available for players to use, it may be a handy trick in the meantime. A shooting Wraith won’t be able to do a game changing amount of damage while she phases through the Void, but it may be enough to add an extra layer of stress to opponents. That said, players can only pull this off with the correct combination of abilities and timing, which isn’t necessarily easy.

How to use Wraith’s portal glitch in Apex Legends

First and foremost, any player looking to use this Wraith exploit will need to have both their Ultimate (Dimensional Rift) and Tactical (Into the Void) abilities available to use. Once both are ready, players need to place their ult where they want it and start running. Keep going until there’s only a small percentage of the players Rift Energy left. Once it gets to five percent, hit the Tactical button.

If done with the correct timing, this should allow players to completely skip the typical weapon drawing animation as they go directly into their Phase from their portal. The timing on this is pretty tricky to nail down, but luckily, the glitch works across all of Apex Legends’ modes, including the Firing Range. Players can practice as much as they’d like while the glitch is still live.

Uses for the glitch

The main appeal of this exploit is that it allows players to gain a slight stealth advantage when approaching foes as Wraith. With her normal limitations, there’s a slight gap between when Wraith emerges from her Phase and when she’s able to draw a weapon. With the glitch, players can ready their guns, and even pop off a shot or two, while still invisible to the enemy. This can also be handy if they’re looking to fake out pursuers and turn an escape into an ambush.

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